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The musings of an enigma...

Everything you can imagine is real....

10 December 1986
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The unbelievably amazing MOOD THEME was made by caugraphics and whom we should all bow down and worship for the awesomeness!!

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About Me
So Im a 22 yr old student from the south coast of Sydney. I live with my mother (with whom I eternally struggle) and my brother. Im studying a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Wollongong Uni and Ill be there for less than a year! 3 random facts bout me: I can play the saxophone. I have lived in 4 different countries throughout my life (so far). I am a daydreamer and a hopeless romantic (not particularly in the lovey dovey way - more so in the "Romantic" type of way.
What I love
So yeah - I love Supernatural. If you have read anything from my journal or we've talked you'll probably have guessed that already though. I LOVE fanfiction - actually obsessed is a better word, but it sounds so negative so I wont say it. Right now my primary fandom is Supernatural, along with RPS - these are, yes, in the main form of Wincest or J2 (see merihn) But I love anyting related to SPN, even if its G rated. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are my current squee!magnets, and are often joined by other. Feel free to remind me of the hotness. Other than fanfiction (of which I am trying to write as well as read), I love any arts I come across. Icons, animated or not, are my crack (see nyaubaby). Headers = addiction I make some and othes I simply borrow from others (with credits, of course). I even love manips, or hand drawn art. So now you know my loves, you know what makes me happy, if you love the same things or even if you dont and think we could still be mates, send me a message. I could be the best friend you never thought you had .
Speaking of Friends...
If you want to friend me - GREAT! I love meeting new people. If you do want to friend me, drop me an email or a message on a post and tell me a bit about you and why you wanna be mates. Could be the start of something great.
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